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August 17, 2022

I have been listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars since 2003. I watched the movie "The Core" and I heard a song I completely fell in love with: it was Echelon. I was 12 at that time and I didn't know how to learn more about that band, so I just listened to that song over and over again. In 2007, I saw The Kill music video on TV and I recognized the band's name. I immediately searched for info and listened to both full albums. I loved them and I finally felt like I was part of something, I felt like I was part of the Echelon. I was so fascinated by all the symbology, mystery, sense of community. These songs are so important to me. Echelon still has a big piece of my heart. I have so many beautiful memories, like your first concert ever in Italy in 2007 or Jared singing Echelon after I asked for it during the acoustic set at another show. I can't count how many times I've watched your music videos to try and find the Argus Apocraphex.

Thank you for writing such an amazing album. After 20 years, it's still one of my absolute favorites!

Unity divides, division will unite.
With love,
Claudia from Italy


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