MARS MEMORIES: KELLY H. – Thirty Seconds To Mars Store



August 07, 2022

My introduction to 30STM must’ve been sometime in 2003. I was in my significant other’s bedroom at the time and he was playing me some of his favorite music. It was songs from a large range of artists, as he had eclectic taste. I was staring at his lava lamp during the songs, and perked up immediately when he played Buddha For Mary. I was instantly drawn into the song. In high school I was close with a person who was subjected to sexual abuse and this song makes me think of them. Personally, I can relate to the lyrics in that song that speak directly of disassociation. I myself experienced that as a trauma response from growing up in an alcoholic home. My significant other noticed my interest and played Capricorn for me next. I wanted to listen to more so he let me borrow his CD and within days I had bought my own copy.

Those first two songs had me hooked and I’ve loved your music ever since. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary! I hope to see you on tour next year and celebrate with you.

Kelly H.
Milford, CT USA

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