THE ECHELON JOURNALS – Thirty Seconds To Mars Store




There are 10 of these notebooks out in the world for the Echelon to collectively share their stories. 

When you receive this journal, use the first empty page to share whatever you would like with the Echelon community. Some guidelines below:

  • You could include pictures, write a journal entry, draw a piece of art, anything MARS related!
  • Please keep your entry to 1-2 pages so we can collect as many entries as possible.
  • These entries may be posted on social media and our newsletter so do not put anything you are not ok with being public. 

Be sure to include your social media handles and share a photo of the journal and/or your entry on social media with #EchelonChronicles.

When it is time for you to pass the notebook along, you may coordinate with whomever in the Echelon you choose. Whether in person, by mail or a scavenger hunt, this is all up to YOU. But please document it as best you can so we can share in the journey!

If you are the last entry, please email us to coordinate the return of the journal to MARS headquarters.

Happy journaling!

Profanity and hate speech of any kind is not allowed. If there is a concerning journal entry, please contact us at